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It’s too pretty outside….


Maybe I should find you when the urge arises. It is more fun with a friend.

Lighthouse? Um, not exactly. I just kind of, woke up here…


Ha, yes, it’s always safer to swim with a buddy, I’ve heard. If you’re ever looking for me, I usually take a walk around the city in the morning. Another habit of mine.

*Craig’s eyes widen for a moment* So you just… appeared here? Have.. have you heard of a place called “Rapture” by any chance? 

It’s too pretty outside….


Well if I did get brave enough, I can do it at night. Nothing wrong with a little swimming in the moon light. No need for the Miss. Just Casey will be fine.


*a brow slightly raises as his eyes scan her* No. I’ve only been here…a week? I think. Maybe more. 

Ahh, yes. A moon-lit dip does sound quite lovely if I do say so myself. And alright, Mi— Casey, I’ll keep that in mind. Kind of a habit of mine. 

A week ain’t bad. Did you come from the lighthouse? I heard that’s one way people get here these days. Launch stations and all.


Damn it!



Oh! Hello darling. I..I just needed a distraction. But I suppose you’re right. How is that injury of yours? You’ve been gone for quite sometime. I was beginning to worry. *realizes she is talking to fast* I’m…sorry.

Oh, professor, you would not believe! When I woke up last week, boy did my head hurt. But it’s good to be back in the land of the living. Did you have anything to do with the treatment? 

It’s too pretty outside….


Well good. I’ve yet to see it but it sounds like I may have to just be patient. *smiles lightly at the mention of the fountain* Oh I’ve seen it. Was tempted to take a little dip in it the other day


Hello Craig. I’m Casey

A dip? *Laughs* It’s a public fountain. I’m certain you’d get some disapproving looks, though. Still, I like the idea. I’ll have to try it myself come summer time. And pleased to make your aquaintance, Ms. Casey. 

I don’t think I’ve seen you around these parts… *Eyes her up and down* You from around here?

Back to business // open

His eyelids fluttered for a moment, then fully opened. Everything was a blur and he could feel his head throb. As the world came back into focus, Craig gasped. He was on a cot in a sterile hospital room. He tried to get himself to a sitting position, but cringed while doing so. His head continued throbbing. 

Eventually he was able to sit up, and though his head was spinning, he slowly steadied himself. He remembered absolutely nothing about how he ended up here. He reached his hand to his forehead to try to stop the pain, but instead found his fingers running across a bandage of sorts. “How long have I—” he muttered to himself just as a nurse came into the room. Her exression was that of shock. “What?” 

It took about half an hour for her to explain to him what had happened. Apparently he had taken a bad spill while coming off of a skyline and had seized upon doing so. He was very lucky that there were bystanders who were capable (and willing) to help him. After that he was rushed to this infirmary for more extensive care. That was five weeks ago. 

"But… well… When can I leave?" he asked, dreading the thought of being stuck in here any longer. He was relieved to find out that he’d only have to be here for two more days, as he had just awoken. At her suggestion, he lied back down (with an effort) and began to nap. 

2 days later

Craig collected his skyhook and other belongings from the front desk as he checked out of the infirmary. He was already regaining his strength, and he promised himself to start working out again. He said goodbye to the nurse who had been very kind to him, and then made his way outside. 

The sun was shining bright, much more intense than he remembered, and he had to shield his eyes. As his vision adjusted, he saw that it was a beautiful day. A smile found its way onto his lips, and with that, he began walking home. There was only one problem. He had no idea where “home” was from here. He would have to ask for directions.

"Excuse me," he said to the nearest person, "Could you tell me how to get to North Street from here?"


At first he wasn’t sure if Craig was joking. But then it all made sense. He was probably right about his new friend stealing the skyhook for him too. He had been pretty sure that citizens couldn’t obtain them legally. ‘Why not?’ He thought, he would already be in trouble for having a skyhook, might as well have a little more fun.

“Sure.” He calmly answered. He wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from a man on man fight, but considering he was 7 ft tall and pretty muscular, he quickly concluded that he would be fine. 


There seemed to be a suspicious look in the man’s eyes, which only served to make Craig nervous. Trying to play it off, he began to mutter, but quickly stopped at the affirmative response from the other man. He had not expected Songbird to agree so easily, let alone with apparent eagerness. He nodded. 

As Craig began moving towards the group of officers, a thought made him hesitate. The music had been playing smoothly up until this point, but he suddenly remembered the “Other Craig,” and how… evil he had been. He swore to himself that he would keep things under control. And with that thought, he proceeded once more towards the patrol.

He picked up a rock and weighed it in his hand, then, eyeing the closest of the guards, let loose the stone. It careened toward the officer and hit him on the side of his head. “Get ready!” Craig said to his friend as the patrol began to run towards them. He got out Lady Red and crouched, waiting to make contact. 

(Source: daydreamingorwell)


Cindy stopped, turning back to him. “Really?” She asked, suddenly intrigued with what this man had to say. “Rosalind Lutece.” She repeated quietly to herself, listening to what he said about the woman Cindy quickly nodded. “Yes. Yes, take me to her. Please.” She spoke quickly, almost forgetting her manner for a moment.

Just the idea of having some answers put her at slight ease. Maybe this woman could find her work too and a place to stay. “What else do you know about her? Is she nice?” Questions flooded Cindy’s mind. She now wanted to know everything about this city and what it would take to get by. If this wasn’t Heaven that meant she had a second chance; at something at least. “I don’t think I ever introduced myself. I’m Cindy Meltzer.”


"Craig Orwell," he replied. He got up and felt pleased that he had managed to calm her. Maybe he wasn’t such a bad guy after all. Already the girl — Cindy — seemed to be in a better state. He began walking towards Emporia.

"She’s, uh," he had to think for a moment. He had only met Rosalind once, and that was a hurried meeting at best. However, one thing was for sure. "She’s very intelligent," he said. "Very polite, too. She has good manners, etiquette, all that." He sighed. He wished he had more time to talk to her himself, to be honest. But this wouldn’t be about him today. 

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